Saturday, February 27, 2010

My new psychology class @ kaplan

Hello friends
Today I am sharing with you my academic progress at kaplan university. Last week, I attended the first seminar of the new psychology class I had signed up for at Kaplan. The seminar was really fun. It made me feel very motivated and eager to learn new psychological approaches and theories. When I took my first psychology class at Wilbur Wright College in Chicago, I learn t about the conscious and subconscious. However, I never studied consciousness and healing. I am very glad, because the new psychology class I am taking in Kaplan includes traditional Chinese medicine. T TCM approaches will definitely increase my knowledge about Nutrition. I know for sure that many Chinese patients prefer to use herbal remedies to manage painful and debilitating kidney stones(Micozzi,2006). Moreover,Traditional dietetics encompasses the practice of herbal therapy but also addresses traditional Chinese foods in terms of the theoretical constructs of Chinese medicine. Five-phase theory has been applied to foods since the time of the Inner Classic. The practices of this field are deeply rooted in the cultural practices of China and cultural beliefs about diet. Many of the foods organized for use in therapy also are routinely prepared by families when seasons change and when illness strikes, as well as to strengthen a woman after birth, to cause milk to fill the breasts of a new mother, or to nourish elderly persons in their declining years(Miccozi,2006).
I am sure that someday I will address some of the Chinese therapeutic techniques I will learn in this class to all my clients who value T CM. Besides learning all the different Chinese techniques, I really look forward to investigate new psychological approaches such as integral healing, interpersonal flourishing, biological flourishing, psycho spiritual flourishing, and the subtle mind. These are new topics which are explained in depth in my new psychology book" Integral The Path to Human Flourishing Health".
Micozzi M.S.(2006). Fundamentals of Complementary And Integrative Medicine. Traditional Dietetics. St Louis: Elsevier Inc.(pp.403).